Summary of my professional curriculum

Digne velodrome

Educational background

Sept. 2001 : Enrollment on a permanent position. End of my student period...
Oct. 1997 – Mar. 2001 (PhD publication date) : PhD at Université Montpellier 2 [UM2]
PhD thesis title: Wave/ seabottom interaction. The South-East Basin carbonate ramp, France (2001). Institut des Sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers de Montpellier, 22, 255pp.
PhD review by: M. Séguret (Supervisor), V. Rey (MIO Toulon), F. Guillocheau (Géosciences-Rennes), D. Bernoulli (UTZ, Switzerland), J.-L. Rubino (TOTAL) and M. Daignières (UM2).
Sept. 1997 – Jun. 1998 : Additional training courses of Master of Civil Engineering at UM2
Sept. 1996 – Jun. 1997 : Master (DEA) of Earth Sciences at UM2
+ Master of Civil Engineering at UM2 (training courses)
Sept. 1992 – Jun. 1997 : Graduate classes in several concomitant formations including: Physics, Geosciences (at Université Montpellier 2), Archaeology and Art History (at Université Montpellier 3)
Graduate thesis: the wave-induced liquefaction process.

Former research positions

Presently : Associate professor (HDR) at university of Montpellier II, Geosciences-M [UMR 5243 ]
Sept. 2012 – Jun. 2013 : Associate expert (50%) at Bas-Rhône Languedoc Engineering, Nîmes
July 2011 – Aug. 2012 : Gjesteprofessor at University of Oslo (Department of oceanography/ meteorology)
Jan. 2011 – Jul. 2011 : Associate expert at Bas-Rhône Languedoc Engineering, Nîmes
Sept. 2010 – present : Associate professor at university of Montpellier II, Geosciences-M [UMR 5243 ]
Jun. 2009 ‐ Sept. 2010 : CNRS delegate scientist at Institut de Mathématiques et de modélisation de Montpellier [ I3M, UMR 5149 ]
Aug. 2008 – present : Associate researcher at Institut de Mathématiques et de modélisation de Montpellier [ I3M, UMR 5139 ]
May 2001 – Aug. 2008 : Assistant professor at Université Montpellier II, Geosciences-M [UMR 5243]
Dec. 2000 – May 2001 : Lecturer (ATER) at Université Montpellier II
Oct. 1997 – Oct. 2000 : PhD grant & Lecturer at University Montpellier 2 (french MENRT + Monitorat)
Fred in action

Teaching services

I teach classes at the University of Montpellier for under-graduated and graduated students. I have been involved in many different learnings since my enrollment years ago: geodynamics (passive margins), sedimentology, marine geophysics, geomatics & remote sensing, hazard analysis, littoral dynamics, introduction to geology/-physics, cartography, database conception, numerical modelling, geomorphology, field cartography, data analysis, basics of mathematics... I never teached a given topic more than 3-4 years for some obscure reasons (an euphemistic translation of the fact that I always accepted to change my teachings following the needs of my work mates). This makes me very polyvalent with regard to teaching.

teaching table Evolution of my teaching service through time.
teaching table Thematical distribution of my teaching service through time.

In brief : I devoted my two first years (2002 – 2004) at Université Montpellier 2 for teaching strictly, as I was enrolled to develop a comprehensive environmental set of courses dedicated to the analysis of natural hazards. Then, from 2004, I centered back my activity to research, and I focussed my teaching activity on cartographic/ geologic field works as this fundamental axis was threatened in Montpellier. I continue to do so. However, since 2010 and my return from Institute of Mathematics, I tentatively develop also a new branch of teaching that tries to rally theoretical physics, mathematics and environmental geosciences. I would like to do so in an international context, with student exchanges with foreign universities (Taiwan, Quebec, Norway, Spain,...).

LEGI basin

Execution of R&D projects

2017--2018 : Partnership with BRL Ingénierie & ATARIM, Tel Aviv Municipality (Israel)
Topic: Innovative coastal defense structures (Hatzuk beach, Tel Aviv)
2016 : Partnership with ARKOLIA Energy (Montpellier)
Topic: Marine aeolian farms
2012 – present : Several partnerships with Bas-Rhône Languedoc Ingénierie (BRLi)
Topic: computational hydrodynamics
2012 – 2015 : Partnership with Geomatys
Topic: middleware for coastal alert systems
2012 – 2015 : Partnership with IBM France (site of Montpellier)
Topic: development of alert littoral systems
2010 : Expert for Bas-Rhône Languedoc Ingénierie (BRLi)
Topic: sand resources in the Gulf of Aigues-Mortes
2010 – 2012 : Expert for EID-Mediterranée (EID)
Topic: Review of the submersion process
2008 : Partnership with SOGREAH Consultants (Grenoble)
Topic: physical experimentation relative to beach morphodynamics and geotubes
2005 – 2009 : Expert for Bas Rhône Languedoc Ingénierie (BRLi)
Topic: circulation forced by waves around geotubes
2004 – 2006 : Expert Direction Littoral et Maritime (CG34 Hérault)
Topic: general informations on coastal dynamics
2004 – present : Partnership with DREAL Languedoc-Roussillon
Topic: detailed analyses of coastal management problems in relation with erosion/ submersion processes

Research management & scientific animation

gladys logo
Mas barque 2014 GLADYS workshop (2014)
Mas Barque 2015 GLADYS workshop (2015)
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conseil osu first First OREME council (2008)

Administrative tasks

During the period 2009 – 2015, I have been strongly involved in the development of research scientific networks at national and mediterranean scales. Significant efforts have been done in that direction so that a strong scientific community working on littoral dynamics now exists. Since 2016, I am back to a strict scientific activity. I still collaborate to the development of the networks which I have initially contributed.

Current activities (still going on)
2010 – present : Head of SO-LTC (Mediterranean shoreline observatory).
2009 – present : Involvment in various COPS comitees (recruitment of scientists at the university)
2015 – present : In charge of the management of "retraites" and workshops for GLADYS (scientif group for littoral dynamics in Languedoc-Roussillon).
2005 – present : Review of scientific papers for journals (Terra Nova, Norois, QI, geomorphology, Journal of Coastal Research, Marine Geology, Journal of Environmental Processes,...)
Former activities
2015 – present : Member of the DYNALIT bureau
2013 – 2014 : Member of ARP MERMED in charge of littoral questionings
2013 – 2015 : Leader of the MISTRALS – littoral & shoreline initiative
2011 – 2015 : Co-head of national SOERE Littoral – Trait de côte
2010 – 2012 : Deputy director of OSU OREME in charge of scientific observatories
2009 – 2012 : Active member of the Office of Observatory OREME
2009 – 2012 : Elected member of the Council of Observatory OREME in Montpellier
2007 – 2011 : Elected member of the Council of Géosciences-Montpellier laboratory
2010 : AERES comitee member (for the evaluation of CNRS french labs
2009 : Expert for AAP (review of several proposals for french ANR)
2007 – 2008 : Elected member of the Administrative Council of University Montpellier 2
2005 – 2015 : Leader of GLADYS (scientif group for littoral dynamics in Languedoc-Roussillon) and GLADYS 2 (from 2008).
2003 – 2005 : Nominated member of council of ISTEEM
2004 – 2010 : Representative member of Observatoire Départemental du Littoral Héraultais

Dissemination & outreach

2013 : Management of 16 specialized meetings for the edification of a MISTRAL – littoral & shoreline program
2004 – present : Management of numerous SO LTC and GLADYS meetings, including the famous "GLADYS workshops" several times a year
Sep. 25–2, 2010 : Taiwan/ France meeting (in Montpellier)
2009 – present : Scientific coordination of a TV documentary fiction "Ora Maritima" (2 x 52'). View the trailer on
2010 : Contribution to short (5') documentary video on submersion
View them on
2010 : Creation of an Atlas of Languedoc-Roussillon hydrodynamics at
February 1–3, 2010 : In charge of the organization of the 2nd workshop MATHOCEAN (Montpellier)
July 14–21, 2009 : Taiwan/ France meeting and field trip (South of France)
February 5–7, 2007 : Organization of workshop LEFE/ IDAO (Montpellier)
2004 – present : Various media interviews (Mariane, Le Monde, Midi Libre, La Gazette, TV, spanish press, CNRS video, Thalassa...)
2001 : Contribution to the organization of 5th congress of sedimentology (Montpellier)
atlas hydro
spanish press oildebeach
kavala town Kavala city in Ora Maritima video

Funding research activities

I provide below a list of my main funded projects. I fund my research activity with approximately 300 k€ per year since 10 years. This non negligible value is due to the fact that I support huge deployments of hydro-morphodynamic equipments in the field.

In the following, [PI] means that I was/ am in charge of the project concerned personally.

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BAJES [PI] Dotation: 300000 € from SNCF/RTE [2018 – 2020 ]
Subject: Nature based solutions for railroad protection corrosion
Discipline: coastal engineering, mathematics, shallow water dynamics
ZUK1 [PI] Dotation: 20000 € from ATARIM/Tel Aviv [2018 ]
Subject: Analysis of energy transfer function of geotubes as coastal defense structures
Discipline: Pure coastal engineering
Institut des plages
Dotation: 575000 € from Region Occitanie / CPER [2015 – 2020 ]
Subject: Renovation of a building for the GLADYS beach institute.
Discipline: heavy stuff...
DEM'EAUX ROUSSILLON Dotation: 380000 € from CPER/Agence de l'Eau [2017 – 2019 ]
Subject: Coastal land/sea water exchanges
Discipline: coastal engineering, mathematics, HPC computing, oceanography
STATSUB [PI] Dotation: 6000 € from MI [2015 – 2016 ]
Subject: HPC computing and spatial statistical analysis applied to coastal hazards (erosion and submersion)
Discipline: coastal engineering, mathematics
SHORE NET [PI] Dotation: 6000 + 10000 € from Défi littoral / MI [2015 – 2016 ]
Subject: Connecting coastal dynamics and Mathematics
Discipline: coastal engineering, mathematics
SOLTC 2013-B [PI] Dotation: 330000 € from DREAL [2013 – 2018 ]
Subject: deployment of ESPIGOBS
Discipline: coastal engineering, physics
SOLTC 2013-A [PI] Dotation: 48000 € from DREAL [2013 – 2014 ]
Subject: Processing of littoral data for scientific valorization
Discipline: database, geoscience, coastal engineering
SOERE LTC 2013 [PI] Dotation: 30000 € from INSU/ALLENVI [2013 ]
Subject: Long-term monitoring of shoreline dynamics
Discipline: Coastal engineering
COAST_4_ALL [PI] Dotation: 85000 € from Région LR [2012 – 2014 ]
Subject: Cuspate theory and instantaneous sea level
Discipline: mathematics, physics of waves, quantitative geomorphology
LITTO CMS [PI] Dotation: 450000 € from FEDER [2012 – 2014 ]
Subject: HPC computational plateform for coastal hydro-morphodynamics
Discipline: computer scineces, coastal engineering
SOLTC 2012-A [PI] Dotation: 350000 € from DREAL LR [2012 – 2013 ]
Subject: Monitoring of shoreline dynamics
Discipline: Coastal engineering
SOERE LTC 2012 [PI] Dotation: 12000 € from INSU/ALLENVI [2012 ]
Subject: Long-term monitoring of shoreline dynamics
Discipline: Coastal engineering
SOBOL Dotation: 40000 € from UM2 [2010 – 2011 ]
Subject: Sensitive analysis and environment
Discipline: Applied mathematics, statistics, coastal engineering
SOLTC 2010-B [PI] Dotation: 30000 € from DREAL LR [2010 – 2011 ]
Subject: Observatory "littoral – trait de côte"
Discipline: Geophysics, littoral hydro-morphodynamics monitoring, weather forecasting
KUNSHEN [PI] Dotation: 418500 € from France/ Taiwan international ANR/ NSC (+ grant from pole de compétitivité) [2010 – 2013 ]
Subject: Hydromorphodynamics of sand barrier under extreme typhoon events
Discipline: From nearshore hydro-morphodynamic field measurement to conceptual modelling
SOLTC 2010-A [PI] Dotation: 180000 € from DREAL LR [2010 – 2011 ]
Subject: Observatory "Littoral – trait de côte"
Discipline: Geophysics, littoral hydro-morphodynamics monitoring, weather forecasting
NUCLEASPIT I [PI] Dotation: 3000 € from PEPS PTI (physique théorique et ses interfaces) [2010 – 2011 ]
Subject: How can so-called nuclear bomb equation serve the physical modelling of sand spit dynamics ?
Discipline: Theoretical physics, coastal engineering
LAGUNA I & II [PI] Dotation: 9300 € from EGIDE fund [2009 – 2011 ]
Subject: France-Taiwan prospective collaboration for coastal hydrodynamics
Discipline: Coastal engineering, Physical experimentation
VULSACO Dotation: 28000 € from ANR-06-VULN-009 [2006 – 2009 ]
Subject: Vulnerability of sandy coast systems to climatic and anthropic changes
Discipline: Coastal engineering and climate change
MICROLIT Dotation: 42000 € from SHOM + INSU RELIEF [2008 – 2010 ]
Subject: Morphodynamics of microtidal sandy shorefaces
Discipline: Sedimentology, Coastal engineering
OILDEBEACH [french PI] Dotation: 50000 € from PRECODD Europe AMPERA ERA-NET Ref. CA–016165 (ANR-08-ECOT-002) [2009 – 2011 ]
Subject: Buried oil in the intertidal beach zone: coupling between morphodynamics, natural degradation, forcing mechanisms and biological activity
Discipline: Beach management, Applied mathematics, geophysics
NAUSICAA [PI] Dotation: 284000 € from Europe BME-3S0155R–2.2 – INTERREG IIIC [2005 – 2008 ]
Subject: Hydrodynamic Atlas for the integrated management of littoral hazards, coastal defence structures and Posidonia Oceanica effects
Discipline: Oceanography
COPTER Dotation: 230000 € from ANR-05-BLAN-0005 (+ grant Pôle compétititivé) [2005 – 2008 ]
Subject: Conception, Optimisation et Prototypage d'ouvrages de lutte contre l'ERosion en domaine littoral
Discipline: Coastal engineering, applied mathematics
GLADYS project [PI] Dotation: 250000 € from region LR [2005 – 2006 ]
Subject: Monitoring the hydrodynamics of Languedoc-Roussillon coastline
Discipline: Coastal engineering, Oceanography
PROGELAC [PI] Dotation: 35000 € from ATIP CNRS [2003 – 2005 ]
Subject: High resolution architecture of Holocene coastal tracts in the north-westernmost Mediterranean Sea
Discipline: Geophysics & sedimentology

Research supervision
students, post-doc and engineers

PhD students

When I use the word director, I mean that I am in charge of the student administratively. The word supervisor refers instead to a commitment on a scientific basis. In both cases, the prefix co- means that I shared the responsability with colleagues.

2013 – 2016 : Lise Petitjean, co-director
Title: Etude des plages sableuses: relations entre les vagues, le niveau d'eau, la nappe et la morphologie
Position: unknown
Lise Petitjean
2012 – 2015 : Romain Chailan, co-director
Title: Application du calcul scientifique et de l'analyse statistique à la gestion du risque en milieu littoral / Scientific computing and statistical analysis applied to coastal hazards
Position: Enrolled in a private company
Romain Chailan
2012 – 2015 : Fabien Rétif, director
Title: Submersion of a sandy barrier at various time and spatial scales from modelling (Wan Tzu Liao, South-Western Taiwan)
Position: Fabien is currently post-doc researcher at Laboratoire d'Aérologie de Toulouse.
Fabien Rétif
2010 – 2014 : Lucie Campmas, director
Title: Instantaneous to seasonal beach morphodynamic response to extreme forcings (Wan-tzu-liao barrier, Taiwan)
Position: unknown
Lucie Campmas
2010 – 2013 : Alexis Nutz, co-supervisor
Title: Faciès, architectures et dynamique de la déglaciation wisconsinienne dans le bassin du Saint-Jean (Québec, Canada) : modalités d'enregistrement d'une régression forcée et de l'hydrodynamique d'un système fermé contrôlé vent / Facies, architectures and dynamics of the wisconsinian deglaciation in the Saint-Jean basin (Québec, Canada) : record of forced regression and hydrodynamics of wind-driven enclosed water body.
Position: Alexis is postdoc researcher for the RiLakS project - Rift Lake Sedimentology, a partnership bewteen CNRS and Total Oil Company .
Alexis Nutz
2008 – 2011 : Afaf Bouharguane, co-supervisor
Title: Analyse, simulation numérique et optimisation de modèles non-locaux en morphodynamique littorale / Analysis, numerical simulation and optimization of non-local model for beach morphodynamics.
Position: Afaf is presently Assistant professor at the Institute of Mathematics in Bordeaux.
Afaf Bouharguane
2005 – 2009 : Nans Bujan, co-supervisor
Title: Hydrodynamical and topographic in situ measurements associated to mutli-scale modelling of sandy beach sediment dynamics of the Languedoc coastline (France).
Position: Nans was formerly post-doc at NCKU, Taiwan. Now: position unknown
Nans Bujan
2005 – 2008 : Olivier Raynal, co-director
Title: Architectures de dépôts et facteurs de contrôle d’un système côtier à faibles apports sédimentaires – le littoral languedocien (Golfe du Lion, Sud de la France) / Depositional architecture and control parameters in a sediment deprecated littoral system (Gulf of Lions, France).
Position: Olivier is presently enrolled as a research engineer on a permanent position at UPVD, Perpignan.
Olivier Raynal
2005 – 2008 : Damien Isèbe, co-supervisor
Title: Modélisation, simulation et optimisation en génie côtier / Modelling, simulation and optimization in coastal engineering.
Position: Damien has a full position as Research Engineer at HORIBA, Montpellier.
Damien Isèbe
2005 – 2008 : Cléa Denamiel, co-director
Title: Modélisation hydrodynamique 3D en zone pré-littorale : Caractérisation des effets des houles de tempête sur la circulation océanique / Coastal 3D hydrodynamic modelling: control of waves on inner continental shelf circulation.
Position: Cléa has a researcher position at the MIT center for global change science. Special thanks to Cléa that clearly helped me to start all the scientific activities described in this web site.
Cléa Denamiel

Post-docs & engineers

My research would be less than nothing without the contribution of most of the people below. Thank you very much.

2018 – 2019 : Manon Besset (INSU funds)
Subject: A dynamic classification of Deltas
Manon Besset
2011 – 2015 : Julien Huon (SOLTC & LITTO CMS funds)
Subject: Web design for SOLTC, GLADYS and MISTRALS–Littoral
I continue to work with Julien regularly, both for research and teachings.
Julien Huon
2011 – 2015 : Cyril Ramière (SOLTC & LITTO CMS funds)
Subject: Development of the SO LTC web content and databases
Cyril Ramière
2008 – 2009 : Adrien Lambert (Project COPTER ANR–05–BLAN–0005)
Subject: Physical experimentation in flume at LEGI and 3D basin at SOGREAH to discuss the validity of shape optimization methods
Adrien Lambert
2007 – 2011 : Elena Brambilla (Project Marie Curie NESTS & GLADYS funds)
Subject: Net seaward sand transport during storms
Elena Brambilla
2007 – 2008 : Cléa Denamiel (GLADYS funds)
Subject: Contribution to the atlas of hydrodynamics in Languedoc-Roussillon
Cléa Denamiel