The french South-East Basin controversy

The Late Jurassic deposits in the South-East Basin (France) were interpreted as turbidites, tempestites or shallow water lobes… The controversy lasts since the former paper of Haug (1902). I contributed to develop the tempestite interpretation significantly.

The concept of Storm Wave Base revisited

The storm wave base is a very old concept in sedimentology. It is the water depth down to which geological recording of wave-dominated facies is possible. I promoted an extension of this concept to include paleo-systems submitted to extreme waves.

Paleo-hydrodynamics in the Holocene Lake Mega Chad

We reconstruct the paleo-hydrodynamics of the lake MegaChad. The comparison in between the computations and the observation of Holocene littoral paleo-geomorphic features (by satellite imagery) allows to determine which kind of paleo-winds occured during the Holocene.

The edification of the littoral systems in the Gulf of Lions

The Gulf of Lions shows about 220 km of sandy shoreline delineated by limited rocky headland (such as Cap d’Agde or Saint Clair Hill). The edification of all the present-day barrier beaches is controled by a limited number of mechanisms. They have been quite well understood thanks to field works combining THR seismic survey, geological investigation and coring.

Holocene story of the Palavas – Aresquiers barrier beach

The littoral from Palavas to Aresquiers is a typical barred beach system. I studied when and how this sand barrier arose, how it delineated several lagoons from the open sea and how much the Holocene littoral architecture inherited from the Quaternary geological history.

Wave forecasting by fuzzy logic inference systems

Fuzzy logic inference systems (FIS) allows to determine reccurent matching patterns in trends of data. Georgios Sylaïos (a friend at University of Xanthi) developed a methodology to predict wave features with FIS. It is applied to the forecasting of coastal wave regimes.