Wave forecasting by fuzzy logic inference systems

Fuzzy logic inference systems (FIS) allows to determine reccurent matching patterns in trends of data. Georgios Sylaïos (a friend at University of Xanthi) developed a methodology to predict wave features with FIS. It is applied to the forecasting of coastal wave regimes.

Optimization of the positioning of geotubes to fight against beach erosion

The theory of the optimization provides a fascinating point of view to enhance the design and the positioning of coastal defence structures in the nearshore. We present here how we used optimization to find the best place for geotubes to fight against the erosive impact of storm waves on the Lido de Sète (Gulf of Lions).

Growth velocity of tombolos

From my work with Miguel Manna on cuspate spits, I derived an exact formulation for the growth of a tombolo, in the lee side of an artificial breakwater (picture above). This formulation relates the age of the tombolo to its size, and to parameters such as longshore diffusivity \(G0\) and wave features such as \(Hs\) or \(T01\).