The french South-East Basin controversy

The Late Jurassic deposits in the South-East Basin (France) were interpreted as turbidites, tempestites or shallow water lobes… The controversy lasts since the former paper of Haug (1902). I contributed to develop the tempestite interpretation significantly.

The concept of Storm Wave Base revisited

The storm wave base is a very old concept in sedimentology. It is the water depth down to which geological recording of wave-dominated facies is possible. I promoted an extension of this concept to include paleo-systems submitted to extreme waves.

Paleo-hydrodynamics in the Holocene Lake Mega Chad

We reconstruct the paleo-hydrodynamics of the lake MegaChad. The comparison in between the computations and the observation of Holocene littoral paleo-geomorphic features (by satellite imagery) allows to determine which kind of paleo-winds occured during the Holocene.