Git Lab environment at the University of Montpellier

I use a Git Lab environment at the University of Montpellier for the versioning and the storage of most of my numerical developments and for my tools dedicated to the writing of papers and reports (I developed a few things those past years). This Git Lab has a web interface (you will need an account; contact me). The network GLADYS owns a user group on this web development platform. You must have an account to contribute to the GLADYS developments.


MEFOC is a tool written in Bash/GMT (+ some extensions) to calculate the best places to deploy aeolian farms in a given domain where meteo-marine, morphology and economic informations exist in not-controlled quantity/quality.


The software NEMOTH computes the dynamics of various nearshore sand bars and other geomorphic patterns thanks to the point of view of the optimal theory / minimization principle.


Written in Fortran, Python, bash, NLPC1 is a small code developed to explore the behavior of the non-linear Pelnard-Considère equation which is one of the main concern of my research activity.


Written in C++, Python, Bash, STOOCH consists in a set of tools dedicated to the processing of coastal hydro-morphodynamic data. It computes many parameters from the linear wave theory and other formalisms. It is partly designed with the same philosophy as that of GMT: pipe ASCII/NetCDF flows in between various tools to build a complex processing.


Written in Latex and Bibtex, this project consists of a simple folder hierarchy containing the basic materials (Latex class, Bib tex templates, figure templates) to write documents (report, paper draft) in the framework of GLADYS. The bundle contains a version of my numerical library (bibtex format) usually a bit out of date :-).

How to recover the last versions of my git projects?

The lines below allow you to recover the last versions of my git projects. GITDIRPROJECT represents any of the Git repository directions listed above; PROJECT is the name of the project associated to GITDIRPROJECT. In your terminal under Linux (if you are under Windows, just clear my sky please):

cd [somewhere-you-want] 

will extract the full source directory in [somewhere-you-want]/PROJECT. If you want to retrieve the updated git project in the current directory (the one where your shell is) you just add a dot like:

cd [somewhere-you-want] 

If you have already cloned your git repository on a local copy, and you just want to update it to its more recent version (from the current git branch), use instead:

cd [somewhere-you-want]/PROJECT 
git checkout # Alternatively, use : pull command to merge branch

Previous commands allow you to retrieve the codes from the main branches in the repositories. Other possibilities exist but require a minimal understanding of Git principles. If you want to collaborate to the development or to get access to the versioning, you must get higher read/write rights. In such a case, get in touch first.