Administrative tasks

During the period 2009 – 2015, I have been strongly involved in the development of research scientific networks at national and mediterranean scales. Significant efforts have been done in that direction so that a strong scientific community working on littoral dynamics now exists. Since 2016, I am back to a strict scientific activity. I still collaborate to the development of the networks which I have initially contributed.

Member of the DYNALIT bureau

Management of “retraites” and workshops for GLADYS

GLADYS is a scientific group for littoral dynamics in Languedoc-Roussillon. See

Leader of the MISTRALS – littoral & shoreline initiative

Member of ARP MERMED in charge of littoral questionings

Active member of the Office of Observatory OREME

Co-head of national SOERE Littoral – Trait de côte

AERES comitee member (for the evaluation of CNRS french labs

Deputy director of OSU OREME in charge of scientific observatories

Head of SO-LTC

SOLTC is a Mediterranean shoreline observatory. See

Expert for AAP (review of several proposals for french ANR)

Elected member of the Council of Observatory OREME in Montpellier

Involvment in various COPS comitees

Recruitment of scientists at the university

Elected member of the Administrative Council of University Montpellier 2

Elected member of the Council of Géosciences-Montpellier laboratory

Leader of GLADYS (scientific group for littoral dynamics in Languedoc-Roussillon) and GLADYS 2 (from 2008).


Review of scientific papers for journals

Terra Nova, Norois, QI, geomorphology, Journal of Coastal Research, Marine Geology, Journal of Environmental Processes…

Representative member of Observatoire Départemental du Littoral Héraultais

Nominated member of council of ISTEEM

Dissemination & outreach

Management of 16 specialized meetings

For the edification of a MISTRAL – littoral & shoreline program

Taiwan / France meeting (in Montpellier)

In charge of the organization of the 2nd workshop MATHOCEAN (Montpellier)

Creation of an Atlas of Languedoc-Roussillon hydrodynamics


Contribution to short (5′) documentary video on submersion

View them on

Taiwan – France meeting and field trip (South of France)

Scientific coordination of a TV documentary fiction “Ora Maritima” (2 x 52′)

View the trailer on

Organization of workshop LEFE/ IDAO (Montpellier)

Various media interviews

Mariane, Le Monde, Midi Libre, La Gazette, TV, spanish press, CNRS video, Thalassa…

Management of numerous SO LTC and GLADYS meetings

Including the famous "GLADYS workshops" several times a year

Contribution to the organization of 5th congress of sedimentology (Montpellier)

Funding research activities

I provide below a list of my main funded projects. I fund my research activity with approximately 300 k€ per year since 10 years. This non negligible value is due to the fact that I support huge deployments of hydro-morphodynamic equipments in the field.


Dotation: 300000 € from SNCF/RTE [2018 – 2020 ] Subject: Nature based solutions for railroad protection corrosion Discipline: coastal engineering, mathematics, shallow water dynamics


Dotation: 20000 € from ATARIM/Tel Aviv [2018 ] Subject: Analysis of energy transfer function of geotubes as coastal defense structures Discipline: Pure coastal engineering

Institut des plages

Dotation: 575000 € from Region Occitanie / CPER [2015 – 2020 ] Subject: Renovation of a building for the GLADYS beach institute. Discipline: heavy stuff...


Dotation: 380000 € from CPER/Agence de l'Eau [2017 – 2019 ] Subject: Coastal land/sea water exchanges


Dotation: 6000 € from MI [2015 – 2016 ] Subject: HPC computing and spatial statistical analysis applied to coastal hazards (erosion and submersion)


Dotation: 6000 + 10000 € from Défi littoral / MI [2015 – 2016 ] Subject: Connecting coastal dynamics and Mathematics

SOLTC 2013-A

Dotation: 48000 € from DREAL [2013 – 2014 ] Subject: Processing of littoral data for scientific valorization

SOLTC 2013-B

Dotation: 330000 € from DREAL [2013 – 2018 ] Subject: deployment of ESPIGOBS


Dotation: 30000 € from INSU/ALLENVI [2013 ] Subject: Long-term monitoring of shoreline dynamics


Dotation: 85000 € from Région LR [2012 – 2014 ] Subject: Cuspate theory and instantaneous sea level


Dotation: 450000 € from FEDER [2012 – 2014 ] Subject: HPC computational plateform for coastal hydro-morphodynamics

SOLTC 2012-A

Dotation: 350000 € from DREAL LR [2012 – 2013 ] Subject: Monitoring of shoreline dynamics


Dotation: 12000 € from INSU/ALLENVI [2012 ] Subject: Long-term monitoring of shoreline dynamics

SOLTC 2010-B

Dotation: 30000 € from DREAL LR [2010 – 2011 ] Subject: Observatory "littoral – trait de côte"


Dotation: 418500 € from France/ Taiwan international ANR/ NSC (+ grant from pole de compétitivité) [2010 – 2013 ] Subject: Hydromorphodynamics of sand barrier under extreme typhoon events Discipline: From nearshore hydro-morphodynamic field measurement to conceptual modelling

SOLTC 2010-A

Dotation: 180000 € from DREAL LR [2010 – 2011 ] Subject: Observatory "Littoral – trait de côte"


Dotation: 3000 € from PEPS PTI (physique théorique et ses interfaces) [2010 – 2011 ] Subject: How can so-called nuclear bomb equation serve the physical modelling of sand spit dynamics ?


Dotation: 9300 € from EGIDE fund [2009 – 2011 ] Subject: France-Taiwan prospective collaboration for coastal hydrodynamics


Dotation: 28000 € from ANR-06-VULN-009 [2006 – 2009 ] Subject: Vulnerability of sandy coast systems to climatic and anthropic changes Discipline: Coastal engineering and climate change


Dotation: 42000 € from SHOM + INSU RELIEF [2008 – 2010 ] Subject: Morphodynamics of microtidal sandy shorefaces


Dotation: 50000 € from PRECODD Europe AMPERA ERA-NET Ref. CA–016165 (ANR-08-ECOT-002) [2009 – 2011 ] Subject: Buried oil in the intertidal beach zone: coupling between morphodynamics, natural degradation, forcing mechanisms and biological activity


Dotation: 284000 € from Europe BME-3S0155R–2.2 – INTERREG IIIC [2005 – 2008] Subject: Hydrodynamic Atlas for the integrated management of littoral hazards, coastal defence structures and Posidonia Oceanica effects


Dotation: 230000 € from ANR-05-BLAN-0005 (+ grant Pôle compétititivé) [2005 – 2008 ] Subject: Conception, Optimisation et Prototypage d'ouvrages de lutte contre l'ERosion en domaine littoral


Dotation: 250000 € from region LR [2005 – 2006 ] Subject: Monitoring the hydrodynamics of Languedoc-Roussillon coastline


Dotation: 35000 € from ATIP CNRS [2003 – 2005 ] Subject: High resolution architecture of Holocene coastal tracts in the north-westernmost Mediterranean Sea